Tasting Menu Presenting Seasonality of Japanese Produce

Poached oyster, sea urchin, with sea water jelly

Amadai in agedashi style

Peach with tofu paste

Ichibandashi soup with charcoal grilled kinki and matsutake mushroom

Aori squid, abalone, alfonsino, bonito

Charcoal grilled large eel

Tomato water with jyunsai

Charcoal grilled smoked pigeon breast

Kegani crab porridge with yuba

Kyoho grape candy

Figs with fig flavored ice cream

HK$2,380 per person, 10% service charge applies

* We recommend one-month booking in advance for customized menu, due to needs in sourcing for best-fit ingredient.
* In case of unavailability of certain requested dish, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss possible alternatives.
* We at Tenku RyuGin value the importance of seasonal ingredients, and we do not wish to compromise our guests’ enjoyment by using ingredients that are not in their prime season, hence, final menu is subject to Chef’s decision according to the availability of best-in-season ingredients.
* Charges is subject to adjustment in accordance with the final menu.