One of our main philosophies at Tenku RyuGin is to accommodate our guests as best as we could, offering an experience that is as memorable and pleasure as possible. Traditionally, we only offer one single seasonal set menu and do not serve A la carte menu. This is because we wish our guests to hand their trust in our experienced chef, who possesses state of art culinary skills and sound knowledge in the best ingredient of the season, as well as a sincere attitude in satisfying the needs of his guests. Most of the time, we would like to think our chef as the most credible person in picking the right ingredients for the right dish, created with the right skills, and served in the right style. This is the reason of us providing only one set menu seasonally as we believe the sole distinct set menu is the best we could offer after much elaborate consideration and design.

However, we understand there are circumstances where our set menu might not meet your needs perfectly. Sometimes you might want to plan something exceptional for a special someone or a special occasion; there might be an unusual desire for a certain food ingredient and you wish to hand it down to our savvy team of staff; it could be a food allergy against an ingredient in our set menu; or even reason as simple as personal preference of food. There are uncountable reasons that our guests might want something other than the set menu once in a while. In Tenku RyuGin, we are more than happy to entertain such requests if that helps our guests in having an even more unforgettable dining experience. You are welcome to request for a whole new menu, especially designed for you, or request for changes in some of the dishes within the menu. We can even tailor-made a menu that would suit a special occasion or theme. Tell us what you want, and we will dedicate our effort and creativity all the same as while designing our regular menus.

* We recommend 1 month booking in advance for customized menu, due to needs in sourcing for best-fit ingredient.
* In case of unavailability of certain requested dish, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss possible alternatives.
* We at Tenku RyuGin value the importance of seasonal ingredients, and we do not wish to compromise our guests’ enjoyment by using ingredients that are not in their prime season, hence, final menu is subject to Chef’s decision, mainly for reason of availability of suitable ingredients.
* Charges is subject to adjustment in accordance to the final menu.