Tasting Menu Presenting Seasonality of Japanese Produce

RG18 Jan eDM image

Charcoal grilled shirako cracker with black truffle

Matsuba crab with citrus jelly
Potato with crab miso and caviar

Amadai in Agedashi style

Saba sushi

Fruits tomato

Scallop dumpling and poached oyster in white miso soup

Lightly torched anago eel

Buri sashimi in three style

Shiitake mushroom and wagyu beef
served with mushroom and fermented bean curd sauce

Alfonsino hot pot

Fresh sea urchin and egg york rice

早梅 “Soubai”
Grape, shiso, lactic acid

Black truffle delights


* We recommend one-month booking in advance for customized menu, due to needs in sourcing for best-fit ingredient.
* In case of unavailability of certain requested dish, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss possible alternatives.
* We at Tenku RyuGin value the importance of seasonal ingredients, and we do not wish to compromise our guests’ enjoyment by using ingredients that are not in their prime season, hence, final menu is subject to Chef’s decision, mainly for reason of availability of suitable ingredients.
* Charges is subject to adjustment in accordance with the final menu.