Hidemichi Seki

Chef De Cuisine of Tenku RyuGin

Born in 1981, Saitama prefecture, Japan.

Chef Seki was born into a family that runs a Chinese restaurant, GuangZhou Chinese restaurant, which has embarked his interest in food at an early age. At 18 years old, Chef Seki made up his mind to become a professional chef, and started his training in the culinary world. He started his career in a famous Japanese Kaiseki restaurant, where he met and trained together with the now Owner and Executive Chef of Nihonryori RyuGin, Chef Seiji Yamamoto.

In 2003, Chef Seki joined the crew of Chef Seiji Yamamoto and had the chance to witness the opening of the first Nihonryori RyuGin, Roppongi, Tokyo. During the 7 years he spent at RyuGin, he had the opportunity to work in different sections of the kitchen and mastered his Japanese culinary skills.

After that, Chef Seki went to Spain for a short period to work in a Spanish restaurant. It gave him the opportunity to learn not only Asian cuisine and gained international exposure.

In 2012, Chef Seki was invited by Chef Yamamoto to join the opening of Tenku Ryugin in Hong Kong. He was the sous chef at the time and has been acting an indispensable part of Tenku RyuGin since then.

In 2015, Chef Seki became the Chef de Cuisine of Tenku Ryugin.

Ryota Kanesawa

Sous Chef of Tenku RyuGin

Born in 1981, Osaka, Japan.

Chef Kanesawa is gifted with a rich culinary background, where his parents and grandparents are all chefs and run their own restaurants. He has started learning about Japanese cuisine at the age of 18 and worked in a prominent hotel in Osaka.

In 2008, Chef Kanesawa went to London and joined an international establishment famous in contemporary Japanese cuisine. He has served as the Head Sushi Chef in couple for the busiest branches of the group, such as Canary Wharf and Tottenham Court Road.

In 2012, Chef Kanesawa joined the Hong Kong branch as Head Sushi Chef of the same restaurant group.

In 2015, upon meeting Chef Seki, Chef Kanasawa was invited to be the Sous Chef of Tenku Ryugin.